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‘Young Actors Are Insecure’ – Says Rohit Shetty As Reason For Shelving Ram Lakhan Remake And Arjun Kapoor Responds

August 29, 2017 Views: 320

Rohit Shetty And Arjun Kapoor

During an interview, Golmaal director Rohit Shetty has said “No (the Ram Lakhan remake) is not happening. Two stars don’t want to work together; they just want to promote each other’s films. This young lot, they will tweet for each other, but they will not work with each other.

Rohit has often talked about his desire to remake yesteryear movie Ram Lakhan. However, cast of the movie has not been revealed ever as nothing can be fixed. So, the movie has been shelved by Rohit. The director has acknowledged the fact that young actors do not like work together in a movie. Now, Mubarrakan actor Arjun Kapoor has responded to it.

The Half Girlfriend actor has given a sorted reply on the occasion by saying Firstly, I wasn’t offered Ram-Lakhan, so I can’t comment on the insecurity part, but I do believe Rohit sir would have a fair point in his observation, (It) comes from the understanding (of) what he’s been through. So I respect his point of view because he’s experienced that. I wasn’t offered the film, I love Rohit Shetty as a director, I would love to work with him. I wouldn’t bat an eyelid before working with him and he knows that, he’s very aware of that.

About the insecurities of young actors, he has said To be honest, insecurity stems when you are not secure about your own role in a film. It depends where the actor is in that particular point in his life, whether insecurity stems in or doesn’t stems in. Also, I’ve done Gunday, like you said. I’ve done ensemble films like Aurangzeb, Finding Fanny, Mubarakan. If you are clear and excited about your role, insecurity will never stem in.

However, Arjun Kapoor has also acknowledged the dilemma of Rohit Shetty to pull off a movie like this. He has continued and told us But ya it’s not easy to set up films like that, it’s not easy to pull off films like that. So I guess fair point to him that he’s coming out of experience and talking about what he’s experienced in the last couple of years, may be trying to put it together. But I can say that, my reasons to not doing a two hero film will never be just insecurity of the other guy. It has to stem more from, if my role is not exciting me or if the role feels like, it’s not giving me enough to do, then obviously it becomes difficult for me to say yes to it.




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