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Yes, Nepotism Is A Truth That Priyanka Cannot Deny It

May 5, 2017 Views: 119

Priyanka Chopra

One comment of Kangana Ranaut on Kofee with Karan has turned Bollywood world upside down. Yes, you have guessed it right. It is Kangana’s remarks on nepotism. Some has agreed to this comment and some has denied the fact completely. Now, Priyanka has agreed to the fact that nepotism exists in the movie industry and she has been kicked out of movies due to it on several occasions. Can you believe it? Talented actor like Priyanka Chopra has been denied a role due favoritism.

Following to Kangana’s comment, almost everyone from the industry has been asked about the issue. Similarly, Barfi actress Priyanka Chopra has been asked the same question as she is not from a movie background. In order to become successful, she has certainly struggled in her way through.

To a popular tabloid, Priyanka has said openly that she has experienced nepotism in her career. Different kinds of people can be found in the industry. Being born in a film family cannot be considered as a bad thing at all.  However, easy access is not available with the outsiders. It is also true that star kid has to maintain their family reputation and legacy onscreen which is certainly a huge pressure to bear.

Priyanka has shared personal experience as she becomes victim of nepotism. It has happened with her that she has been denied a movie due to recommendation of some other actor to the makers. However, talented artiste may become successful in spite of these hindrances.

On asking Priyanka whether she worries about failure, the Bajirao Mastani actress has said no. She has informed us that she may not fear it. However, she will not like it very much at the same time. Leading a life of a celebrity can be similar to marathon. Huge responsibility is on the back. In order to achieve what you want, you have to work hard. Free lunches may not be available to you anywhere.

Right now, Priyanka has gearing for her first Hollywood release Baywatch with Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson.

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