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Who Is Arjun? Why Hrithik Is Proud Of Him? – Watch The Video

March 12, 2018 Views: 418

Hrithik Roshan

So, do you know anyone named Arjun? Both Twitter and Instagram page of Hrithik Roshan is loved by his millions of fans. Generally, beautiful pictures of his personal life are shared by the actor on social media. However, last post of Hrithik Roshan has been quite intriguing. An interesting video has been shared by Koi Mil Gaya actor on the occasion where a man is showcased sweating and exercising. Later on, the man is question goes for mountain climbing. By looking at the man, we are quite sure that it is not Hrithik. The title of the video says Arjun VS Arjun”. The video has been captioned by Hrithik as “Proud to be a part of this young man’s inspiring journey.” In order to make it trend, #IAmArjun has been used also. For now nothing more than that has been said. We are still clueless what the video is all about? How it is related to Hrithik?

During 2017, November a picture has been shared by Hrithik where his face is completely covered with snow. Frostbites can be noticed on his face too. The picture has been captioned as Selfie tip: if you are on top of a mountain with great lighting, u must take one. It has been thought at the time that the picture is all about a family vacation. However, it seems more than a family vacation now. Is there any relation between the picture and video?

According to our knowledge, Hrithik is not doing anything that is titled Arjun Vs Arjun. However, Hrithik will be seen in a Yash Raj movie soon which has been doing rounds with the title Hrithik Vs Tiger. It is possible that he makers have changed the title to Arjun Vs Arjun. In order to know the truth, we may have to wait a bit.

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