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What!!! Varun Dhawan Has Been An Accidental Casting In October

April 11, 2018 Views: 131

Shoojit Sircar And Varun Dhawan

Similar to the movies, Shoojit Sircar’s office can be tagged as modest and natural. Decorative have not been used to make it look beautiful. Instead, it is pretty bright and airy. Right now, Shoojit is really busy as the release of his movie is around the corner. Piku director Shoojit Sircar has been attending meetings one after another. However, tiredness cannot be seen in his eye as he starts to discuss about movies. He has been collaborating with the writer Juhi Chaturvedi for the third time with this movie third time.

Talking about the movie called October which is all about unconditional love, Shoojit has said “Yes, the world has been moving at a phenomenal speed over the last few years. Having said that, there is no other way to define romance. The trailer mentions that October is not a love story, but a story about love. There are many things or actions that you do, which could be love, but you might not know it. Sometimes, when you do something for someone, you feel happy. And, even the other person feels the same. But after just a moment, they forget it and start doing things which stress them out. Juhi and I have tried to explore those moments in this movie.”

Ideas about the movie had come in to the mind of director Shoojit Sircar at the time of writing script for Piku. So, they have tried to find stories of unique and unconditional love. By tying them together in a bunch, they have managed to give a take on the subject with the movie October.

On asking Shoojit whether he takes commercial actors for his movies knowingly as he has casted Deepika in Piku and now casted Varun in October. Giving reply to this question, Shoojit has said that he has been pretty sure about casting Deepika in Piku. However, choice of Varun as Dan in October has been made accidentally. Previously, director has wanted to cast new actor for the same role. Through movies, only part of Varun’s work has been seen by Shoojit. On the other hand, he has got to know Varun more when he has made a visit to director’s office personally. Some of the pictures have been clicked on the time. In those pictures, Varun has looked innocent and honest which has been required for Dan’s character.

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