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What! Shraddha Kapoor Has Followed Three Different Diet Plans To Stay Fit

August 6, 2019 Views: 1,312

Shraddha Kapoor

Changing diet plan as well as fitness routine for movies continuously may not be easy at all. However, Shraddha Kapoor has managed to follow three diverse diet plans for her movie Saaho, Street Dancer 3D and Chichhore. In these three movies, Shraddha have complete different roles. Therefore, it has become necessary for her to follow different meal plans as well as workout regime.

For Saaho

Since Saaho has been an actioner with Baahubali actor Prabhas, Shraddha has to stay athletic and lean. So, she has decided to go with enough amount of essential fat along with some carbohydrate and protein. On the occasion, Shraddha’s nutritionist and fitness coach Maahek Jain has said “She consumed a lot of veggies; for proteins, she used to have eggs, fish and salads”. As far as workout is concerned, Shraddha is playing the role of a cop within the movie. Some action sequences of intense nature have been performed by her. So, Shraddha has mainly concentrated on TRX, Functional Training and Crossfit training. It is also said, “Shraddha had to be on mainly sports-specific training. Workouts combined with TRX made her look thin and gave her good-quality muscle mass”. Sessions of Pilates have been tried during shoots in Mumbai also.

For Street Dancer 3D

Utmost care of nutrition and supplements have been taken during shoots of Street Dancer3D for Shraddha. It has been done mostly to avoid problems related to hair and skin. Maahek has said, “It also made her look fitter and perform with the same energy because there was a lot of dancing”

For Chichhore

Similar to Street Dancer 3D, there has been a lot of dance and rehearsals in Chichhore. Therefore, electrolyte water has been consumed by Shraddha for energy boost. Cream diet has been tried by her too.

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