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What! Rekha does not want to get tested for Coronavirus and refuses to allow BMC in the house for sanitization

July 17, 2020 Views: 274


As security guard of legendary Bollywood actress Rekha’s bungalow has tested positive, therefore, she has been also advised to go through a Coronavirus test. However, she has refused it completely. In addition, she has not allowed to BMC official to enter her house also.
According to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, officials have gone to Rekha’s home in order to take necessary measures. However, Rekha’s manager Farzana has offered them her contact number. During the time, she has also asked the official to call her before conducting any required procedure. Farzana has said “Take the number, call me and then we shall talk.”
By the official, it has been said that they like to give proper respect to the legend. Upon calling the manager of Rekha later on, she has said that the legendary actress is fine so far. Therefore, she may not like to go through the Coronavirus test now. It has been confirmed that she has not been in contact with any COVID-19 positive person.
Rekha and remaining staff must go through Coronavirus test as per the mandatory rules that have been set during this quarantine since they have been staying in close proximity with the security guard. Sanitization workers from the BMC are also asked leave from the outside of the house. By one of the officials, it has been disclosed also that Rekha must test herself for Coronavirus along with the other staff members and submit a report to them.
Recently, reports have been heard that security guards of nearby houses of Rekha have been tested positive also.



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