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What Models Do To Get That Flawless Skin

February 16, 2017 Views: 492

Flawless Skin

Models take care of their skin like it is a daily ritual. Their job demands they have a flawless skin that radiates glow. Everyone of us would like to have such skin. Let’s see then what they do differently and what we can do too to get skin like them.

  1. Use toner in the morning instead of cleanser – When you wake up in the morning your skin is full of sebum which you need to get rid of. Instead of using a face wash, try toner. Excessive washing can strip your skin of essential oils leaving it dry and flaky. Using a toner will keep your skin’s pH.
  2. Reduce sugar intake. In addition to causing breakouts, it speeds up aging. Taking minimal sugar as part of daily diet is in any case good for health. The sugar in your bloodstream forms molecules that destroy collagen and elastin (which keeps skin firm). Avoiding sweet treats after 5pm can actually help you avoid aging. Of course stop dieting. All the diet fads don’t help you skin’s health.

  1. Regular facial – Make it a part of your monthly routine. Regular facial gives your skin the lift it needs. You can heal your skin and prevent a lot of damage receiving monthly facials. Don’t skip it.
  2. Once a while give the sunscreen a miss. Yes you read it right. You don’t need to apply sunscreen when you are at home or inside with no sun in sight. It clogs pores. Plus without it you get the benefit of vitamin D.
  3. Moisturize and hydrate the skin – Drink as much as 6-8 glasses of water daily. It is good for the body and skin. Drinking water and applying moisturizer regularly will keep your skin radiant and wrinkle-free.
  4. Exercise daily – Take a walk. When you exercise blood and nutrient rush to your skin stimulating it and keep your appearance young and youthful.


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