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What!!! Kapil Sharma Compels To Decrease His Pay To Retain The Show

June 27, 2017 Views: 441

Kapil Sharma

Funnyman of Television Kapil Sharma has been going through a lot of trouble lately due poor ratings of his show called The Kapil Sharma Show that is aired on every Saturday and Sunday on Sony TV. Following to the spat with Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar, the show has been hit by low ratings especially. It seems that the show has lost its spunk to some extent due to exit of Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar.

Sunil Grover-Ali Asgar-Chandan Prabhakar

Sunil Grover-Ali Asgar-Chandan Prabhakar

Through a mutual understanding between the actor and the channel, the pay has been cut. The amount of pay is almost made half now. The concept of cutting prices is quite prevalent in the west where the actor reduces their pay in order to continue with the show. Poor ratings have been sighted as the reason for this drastic measure by channel.

Lately, there is news that comedy actor Krushna Abhishek will be starting a new show called the Drama Company where Ali Asgar and Sugandha Mishra can be seen again. Right to present the show goes to the same channel. In the same show, Sunil Grover can be seen with a guest appearance also. From 8pm onward, the show may be aired just before the Kapil Sharma Show which is generally seen from 9pm.

However, the fact must be remembered that The Kapil Sharma Show has helped the channel once to climb the charts of TRP. Therefore, Kapil’s contract has been renewed in the December, 2016 also. The show has been expected to go on till the end of 2017. Due to a renewed contract, channel has been giving Kapil Sharma a huge amount of 110 crore. Before the spat, the channel has been pretty happy with the performance of the show. Therefore, spending money has not been seen as a big issue at all. The show has been one of the most money spinning venture for the channel. So, they cannot slip it from their hand at their hand during that time. Though, situation has changed now completely.

Pocket pinch is felt by the channel as the show is slipping from their position now.