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What!!! Kangana Announces Her Marriage On Feb, 2019

February 12, 2018 Views: 121

Kangana Ranaut

In 2017, Kangana Ranaut has said that she has found a perfect man for herself and will be marrying at the end of the year. On the occasion, she has said In your early 20s, you wonder why people get married. In late 20s, maternal instincts kick in and you see things differently. It’s nice to come back to a partner who’s watching your back. I wanted to give my best to a relationship without the baggage of legal relationships. I now want to give marriage my best but the other person must also come with the same attitude.” 

However, marriage has not happened till now. It is believed that Kangana is delaying her marriage plans due to busy schedule that is filled with work. Now, Kanagana has set a deadline for her marriage. She has declared to the world that her wedding month will be February, 2019. Kangana seems quite casual with her announcements.

For the designer Shyamal and Bhumilka, Kangana has walked ramp in their bridal collection. On asking about her status regarding marriage she has said “Hopefully, very soon”. Which month are we in? February? Okay, give me a deadline till next February.” However, we are not aware of the fact whether she has said those timeframe for marriage as a mere joke or not. Now, she has said it with her own mouth, we may not be surprised in the future.

Soon, Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika will be released in theatre which is a movie from her home banner. So, it can be looked as a great time for Kangana to marry.

During last interaction with the media, Kangana has talked about her marriage in the month of February also. She has said Yes, I am in a relationship. There is indeed a man in my life and I am enjoying it. I do want to get married. But not because I am 30 and time is running out. But then you know what, I have often chosen to fall for the wrongest guy in the world. But the best thing is that today many women, like me, have the choice to live independently and choose the kind of life we want.

Now, it is important to see whether Kangana Ranaut becomes married early 2019 or not.

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