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WHAT! After Vandalism, Is Sanjay Leela Bhansali Bowing Down Under Pressure?

February 2, 2017 Views: 483

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

After the vandalism happened on the set of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming project Padmavati in Jaipur, the industry folks have come forward for the filmmaker. In fact, Bhansali got supports from his colleagues and fans who condemned the act of vandalism. However, Bhansali has taken a move that can be considered a kind of submission and has promised to the Rajput Karni Sena that there will be no ‘objectionable’ scene in his film.

A letter has been sent to the Karni Sena signed by Shobha Sant, CEO of Bhansali Production where it has been stated that the film will not contain any romantic sequence or any ‘objectionable’ scene between Rani Padmavati (played by Deepika Padukone) and Allauddin Khilji (played by Ranveer Singh).

Here is the image of the letter sent to the Karni Sena from Bhansali Production –

Karni Sena Letter By Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Karni Sena Letter By Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Lokendra Kalvi, the spokesperson from the Karni Sena authenticated the development and told, “Members from Bhansali’s production, including Sant and Chetan Deolekar (executive producer) were present for the meeting and they have given us a letter with the modifications. Almost all our demands have been met”. However, Kalvi also added that their request of tweaking the title could not be fulfilled as the production house said that it was a little too late to change the title. Hence, they won’t pressurize them. He also clarified that their major demand is that real history should not be distorted at any cost.

Painting Of Rani Padmavati

Painting Of Rani Padmavati

This period drama by Bhansali is centered around Rani Padmavati, the legendary queen of Chittor and the Mughal ruler Alauddin Khilji’s admiration for her. During the shooting, the Karni Sena suddenly attacked the producer Bhansali, destroyed the set and shooting equipment in the accusation of distorting history. Now, in the letter, the team Bhansali clearly stated that they have conducted a thorough research on this historical subject and hence Mewar will ultimately be proud the way Padmavati showcases their honoured queen.

In the mean time, the unit claimed that they wound not prefer to shoot in Rajasthan after the assault. However, it has been come to know that team will soon return to the state to resume their work. In this letter, it has been also requested to the Karni Sena not to damage the set and disrupt the shoot henceforth.

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