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What!!! Aamir Has Recommended Shahrukh Khan’s Name For Biopic Of Rakesh Sharma

January 15, 2018 Views: 166

Aamir Khan And Shahrukh Khan

As we have already told you that Aamir has decided to leave Rakesh Sharma biopic behind as he has some issues with the script. So, the makers have started to search for a replacement for Aamir’s role in the movie. It seems that the search has come to an end now. Perfectionist Aamir must be given credit for it also.

Our source has confirmed that Shahrukh will appear as Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma now. The movie is titled “Salute”. It is expected to be produced by Sidharth Roy Kapur. The director’s chair will be helmed by Mahesh Mathai. It is really amazing to observe that the movie has travelled from one of the superstars from another. It is said that Aamir Khan has himself suggested the name of Shahrukh Khan.

The source has also quoted So the first question Shah Rukh would’ve asked Aamir is, if it’s such a great role why are you not doing it yourself? Before that poser, Aamir Khan explained to Shah Rukh that he, Aamir, intended to devote at least ten years of his life to a very dear project, presumably the Mahabharat, and has therefore stopped accepting any other assignments. Aamir Khan strongly recommended the Rakesh Sharma bio-pic to Shah Rukh Khan as a script worth walking that extra mile for.”

Lots of discussions between the producer and actor have happened. Now, Shahrukh has decided to become a part of the movie as well. Previously, name of Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor have been heard for the role also.

In the past also, Shahrukh has played a scientist from NASA in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Swadesh. Now, it may time for him to turn in to an astronaut. Right now, Shahrukh is busy with the Anand L. Rai’s movie.