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Ways To Lose Weight Post-Diwali Without Hitting The Gym

November 19, 2015 Views: 650


Diwali is a celebration of lights. However, huge amount of weight gain is observed during this time due to consumption of ladoos and other kinds of sweets. It is not possible to control yourself in front of the sweets. It is especially true if you have sweet tooth. Therefore, you must take some measure post diwali in order to deal with the weight gain.

Before scaling yourself on the weighing machine, you must be prepared for the weight gain. Following tips can be followed to shed few kilos here and there.

Stay away from sugary items

Immediate measure for shedding weight must start from limiting sweets from life for at least some time. To avoid sweets, refrigerator must be emptied. However, you must not eat everything in the refrigerator. It is not advisable at all. You can try and distribute them among domestic helps and neighbours. Gesture can be appreciated and returned with some good deed in future.


Calculate your calorie consumption

By looking at your plate minutely, you can stay ahead in the goal of losing weight. Small portion of food is recommended. Through a combination of carbohydrate and protein, health can be maintained. Skipping meal is not a solution in any given moment.


Go for a light walk every day

Exercise in the form of walk is considered one of the best ways to lose weight. Light walk or jogging is always beneficial. In addition to weight loss, it can be also used as a form of rejuvenation.


Make yourself a detox juice

Through more juices, it is possible to introduce healthy ingredients such as apple, carrot, beetroot, lemon and spinach in to the diet. In due course, skin can be made radiant as well.




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