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Watch Out For Jagga Jassos Trailer Now!!! And Become A Fan Of Ranbir And Katrina

January 2, 2017 Views: 220

Jagga Jasoos

Post the break-up of Ranbir and Katrina, fate of the Anurag Basu directed Jagga Jassos has been questioned by most of the people. Following to turmoil of a year regarding the release of the movie, it has been releasing at last.

From mere single look of the movie, attention of the people has been grabbed. However, will the movie interesting for both the young and old viewers? Here is a story of a young detective about to be depicted who has started the search for killer of his father. So, it will be interesting to see whether detective Ranbir can catch the killer or not. Both Ranbir and Katrina may reunite once again for the movie. Through the trailer of Jagga Jassos, adventure ride can be experienced.

Jagga Jasoos Poster

Jagga Jasoos Poster

Story of Ranbir’s character is shown through the movie. Jagga aka Ranbir is very curious from the childhood. However, his dad has been killed in childhood. Therefore, he starts to search for the killer when he becomes young.

Due to several incidents in life, reclusiveness in the character of Ranbir is seen during childhood. As Jagga becomes young, he travels around the world to avenge the death of father. Katrina is a dedicated lover here and she supports him always. Ranbir goes to Morocco and Kolkata. However, villain of the story is not revealed in the trailer.

Cool look of Ranbir has mesmerized us in the Jagga Jassos trailer. Innocent face of the Ranbir is loved. Sizzling appearance of Katrina must not be missed. Performance of both the Barfi actor Ranbir and Bang Bang actress Katrina are outstanding without any doubt. Ranbir stammers in the Jagga Jassos movie only during interaction with Katrina. Eye catching trailer of the movie has been loved by almost everybody. Sequences of action are breathtaking no doubt. Background score of the movie is just perfect according to the situation. From few sequences of Jagga Jassos, you may get a glimpse of his previous movie Barfi.

Ranbir In Jagga Jassos

Ranbir In Jagga Jassos

In some occasion, the trailer looks like a dream and too good to be real. Therefore, it is hard to tell whether it can connect with the people?

So, let’s look at the trailer now.

Reference Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBobLhXFBio

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