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True Or Flase: Yet Again Arijit Singh Loses A Song Due To Tiff With Salman Khan

March 13, 2018 Views: 163

Salman Khan And Arijit Singh

Most of the people think that Arijit Singh has lost a song in Welcome to New York due to interference of Salman Khan. In the movie, Salman is expected to be seen in a cameo. It is believed that he has asked the producers to replace Arijit Singh with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for a song in the movie. All these things have been happening due to public fallout between Salman and Arijit Singh. There has been speculation that Salman has barred the music director from taking Arijit Singh as singer for any of his movies. Scenario may remain same for cameos as well.

By a source close to Salman Khan, report has rubbished the completely by saying One needs to get this right that Welcome To New York is not Salman’s film. He just has one special appearance in the film so why will he even get into the music space? He himself is surprised after reading these basless reports. Maybe Arijit could have lost out on the song because of his own monetary differences with the producers. After all, it’s the producers who take the final call

Now, it may be important to see how Arijit Singh reacts to this controversy. People may be jumping to a conclusion really fast. Both the sides of story must be known before making a decision always. Babul Supriyo has also slammed the report that saying Pakistani singers are preferred by Salman over Indian talent.

Director of Welcome to New York is in trouble to see this negative publicity of his movie. He has said We are yet to decide on what to do. There have been films (with Pakistani singers), which have managed to go by without any hassle. There needs to be a balance between social responsibility and creative freedom. But people shouldn’t have to compromise on artistic liberties.