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Top Trends To Follow In 2017 Spring Summer Collection From The New York Fashion Week

January 25, 2017 Views: 307

Fashionable People

Think fashion, think New York, Paris, Milan. These cities are well known for their fashionable people. They are the makers of trends. They lead the way. So, when you are preparing to plan your wardrobe for the upcoming spring in India, you are bound to look westwards for inspiration.

Take a cue and follow it up with your own style.

If you thought yellow was too cheery, think again. There various shades of it that you can include in your wardrobe.

The Wall Street banker may like his stripes, but we too like them. Wear stripes, thin, bold, broad, whatever suits your personality.

Fashionable People

Fashionable People

Interesting white shirt dresses – Look for unfamiliar cuts and unexpected hemlines with your white shirt dress. Pick up a bunch to add to your workwear collection.

White Shirt Dresses

White Shirt Dresses


White Shirt Dresses

White Shirt Dresses



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