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Top Adrenaline Rushing Adventures You Must Try Before You Die

November 24, 2015 Views: 663

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Do you think about yourself as a blood core adventurist but yet not get the chance to prove it? Do you want the rush of adrenaline feel by performing some extreme sports activities? Then you are exactly the right place to know about the top most adventure sports in the world that you must try at least once in your life before you die.

  1. Zorbing

You must try zorbing aZorbing Budapestt least once in your lifetime since it is the most amazing as well as heart throbbing adventure. At the same time it is useless to point out that it is considered as one of the wackiest experience you will have if perform safely under the right kind of surface tension areas. Here you will roll downhill confining yourself within an inflatable ball. To get the best zorbing experience you should go to New Zealand.



  1. Scuba Diving

downloadIf you are interested to explore the underwater world of live corals, beautiful color fishes, and traveling through the underwater caves, the home of millions of fishes, you must try scuba diving. Though to perform this adventurous sport, you don’t need to know swimming, but you have to take up a course to get familiar with the adventurous sport. Best places for scuba diving are The Blue Hole, Small Giftun Island, El Minya, Jackson Reed (Tiran Strait).


  1. Para-Gliding

paragliding-1Do you wan tto explore the world from the height by rising on the lightweight glider aircraft? Then you must try para-gliding where the aerodynamic structure will help you to nagigate the air pressure and wind forces. You can fly up to 1-2 hours and your fall and dip from the height depend on the exploitation of your lift. The best paragliding places in the world are Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and Chamonix/Mont Blanc, France.




  1. Kite Wing

imagesUsing the wind power you can try the adventure sport named kite sail which is actually a kite shared wing providing the required speed to the lift riders on different surfaces life water, ice, snow, packed sand, asphalt, grass and so on. Depending on the condition of the wind, the kite winger can fly up to the speed of 90km/hr.




  1. Bungee Jumping

download (1)Do you want to feel the thrilling experience of jumping from a high platform like a building, natural rock structure, bridge or even from a movable object like helicopter or hot air balloon? Then you must not miss bungee jumping, as this thrilling sport will give you the opportunity to fall from several meters by harness with a cord. The best places for bungee jumping are Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA-1053 ft and Macau Tower, China- 760 ft.


Have fun and do write down your experience in the comment section below!