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The Big Date: Y-Films Presents Love Shot 6 With A New Story With Surprise Ending

April 15, 2016 Views: 1,311

Love Shot 6 Cover Pic

Oh! Thanks to Yash Raj Films once again for presenting such wonderful short films and one more time to mesmerize us with heartfelt story. This time it is the last love-shot with the title The Big Date where you will come across an unexpected. Like the previous short films of this series, this short film is also too adorable featuring youngsters Rhea Chakraborty, Saba Azad and Mohit Marwah.

The Big Date encapsulates the bonding between two sisters and sweet charm of date for the Valentine’s Day. When there are two girls and one guy, inevitably it means to conclude with one date. However, since the film starts you cannot make out who is going for the big date. At some moments, you may think whether it is a same old love triangle; however, the story ends with a big surprise.



However, it is the last short film of YRF’s the Love Shot and you have to accept that each of the film has presented love in different angles and wrapping up within different feeling. From young love to mature love, from first love to love after death, each of the films, focus the trials and tribulations that a person faces in his or her love life.



The first film of the Love Shot was ‘The Road Trip’ where we come to know the love story and battle of a couple on their road trip where the second film ‘Koi Dekh Lega’ was based on blind love. In the third film ‘Textbook’ we go back to the childhood days of first love. Surprisingly, in the next film of the Love Shot ‘Scandal Point’ we are taken to the tour of mature love that tells us love never ends irrespective of age. The fifth film ‘Fired’ is just perfect for the modern relationships. And here comes the last love shot- ‘The Big Date’.

Are you eager to watch the film? Here is the link of The Big Date-




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