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Ted Talks: Shahrukh To Host Karan Johar As His First Guest

August 26, 2017 Views: 371

Karan Johar And Shahrukh Khan

For a television stint, Shahrukh Khan has been prepping himself. The TV show is called TED Talks India: Nayi Soch. From the month of September, the show is expected to be on air. In the beginning, we have heard that Javed Akhtar will be the first guest on the show. However, the reports may not be true at all. From a source from the unit, we have come to know “Karan Johar is Shah Rukh’s first guest on the show. They are going to shoot for the episode.”

Both Shahrukh and Karan have been friends for years. They have stayed with each in thick and thin always. Every time, Karan has started a new season of Koffee with Karan, Shahrukh has always made an appearance. So, it cannot be considered as the surprise at all to see Karan as inaugural guest of TED Talks India.

Shahrukh is expected to play the role of a curator on this television show. Shahrukh has told us some time back “People will share stories about changes in society, in life — whether it’s about the climate, dangerous diseases or to help empower women — and all of this will be integrated. There are some beautiful stories — both Indian and international — which the team is planning to get on one platform and do a nice mix of Hindi and English speakers. I feel it will be a niche show.”

Last month, Shahrukh has delivered a beautiful speech at Vancouver as a part of Ted Talks. The speech is concentrated on the spread of ideas. It has been a short speech that has lot of power. Shahrukh has been always bee recognized for his charm and wit. Everyone has been in splits during the talk as he presents himself as an aging star that has trying to cope with the change. However, lots of layers can be found within his speech as he is an excellent speaker.