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Ted Talk India Season 2 Will Come Back Soon With Shahrukh Khan As The Host

January 19, 2018 Views: 377

Ted Talk India

In Television, Shahrukh Khan has been seen after a long time with the Ted Talk India: Nayi Soch. Since the launch of the show, TRP has not been very high for the show. Lot of impact may not be made by it also in spite of offering high level content. Still, the show will return with the second season as the makers have complete faith in it.

According to the reports on a popular daily, Shahrukh will claim the post of a host once again during the second season also. Source within the unit has told us “The producers are happy with the way the show has panned out and are keen that Shah Rukh reprises his role in the second season too. The contract is currently being worked out.”

Through seventh episode in coming week, first season of Ted Talk India: Nayi Soch will be concluded. Thereafter, a finale episode may be observed also. For the beginning of second season, everyone is looking at the time close to the end of the year 2018. New installment of the show may be rolled out during Diwali. It is said “The channel is still in the process of roping in speakers and working out the dates. If they manage to zero in on all the speakers in time, the season may kickstart during Diwali.”

First guest for the second season is expected to be Academy Awards Winning music director A.R Rahman. Source has also added “The channel was trying to get Rahman in season one itself, but it didn’t work out due to date issues. However, he is on- board the new season.”

So, will you be interested to see Shahrukh as the host of Ted Talk India: Nayi Soch Season 2? Please let us what are your thoughts on the subject?

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