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Ted Talk India: Ekta Kapoor Talks About Sex And Sanskaar In Addition To Rejections

January 9, 2018 Views: 120

Shahrukh Khan-Ekta Kapoor

Ted Talks India decides to celebrate women power with Ekta Kapoor this time. Some strong headed women have always paved the way for others in the world. If you look at the world of television then there is no one apart from Balaji Telefilms head Ekta Kapoor can be found on the list. She is always known as the non nonsense and strict person. However, she has also become a voice for thousands of women in India as well. Ekta is truly called the Queen of the television world.

In the show, Ekta has bared her heart for all. Even in the patriarchal world of television, she has achieved her own position and managing the television world around her finger now. Being an inspiration to the society, she has revealed something about herself while standing on the stage alongside Shahrukh Khan.

Ekta Kapoor In Ted Talk

Ekta Kapoor In Ted Talk

From only a lowest point, you can rise like a phoenix according to Ekta as there may not be a place to go from there at all. It is certainly not believable but absolutely true that same thing has happened with Ekta as well. In the beginning, her pilots are being rejected by the channels. One of the channels has refused to give her any more chance. Ekta’s father veteran actor Jeetendra has been taunted as he has supported his child’s dream. Some people have even said that if it is Jeetendra’s hobby to bet money on his worthless daughter. In order to send his brother Tushar abroad to study, her mother has to sell her jewelry as Jeetendra has given all his money to Ekta. Following to the nights of sleeplessness and vomiting, her first television show Hum Paach has born. Through the story, two things can be known clearly. Daughter has not given away her dreams and a father has supported his daughter as much as he can. It is truly an inspiring story.

In a research work of Chicago University, it is said that television has showcased household issues of India through serials of Ekta Kapoor. During 90s, television and newspaper are only medium of expression. So, Ekta has managed to bring up issues like marital rape, domestic violence and heathcare through her television soaps.

According to Ekta, sex and sanskaar are two issues with which women have been associated with in India. In her show, she has portrayed perfect women like Tulsi and Parvati. However, she has highlighted the women that do not shy away from saying the truth also. Ekta wants every woman to follow her passion.

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