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Surprise!!!! Look At The Transformation Of Shahrukh To Cute Fan Gaurav

April 22, 2016 Views: 574


Rave reviews have been directed towards Shahrukh starrer fan since it has been released in the box office. Positive response has been reported from all over the country in addition to overseas locations. Some of this adulation is for the lovable character and super fan of Gaurav Channa as well. In order to acquire the look of Gaurav who is only 25 years of age, the star has spent hours in his vanity van with the make-up artists. Remarkable feat has been achieved with the characterization of Gaurav as it has been a combination of VFX and prosthetic.

Due to craze over the movie, a recent video has been offered to the fan. Through this video, an idea has given about the transformation.  Life is infused in to character by the makers in subtle manner. Lots of information has been given with this video. Determination of Shahrukh has been showcased with every frame of this video. By looking at the video, you can become a fan of Shahrukh Khan once again.



Director Mannesh Sharma has showcased Fan as a thriller. The connection between the fan and star has been presented in a twisted manner. People have become spellbound after watching this movie in the theatres. The appearance of the obsessive fan is created due to labor of make-up artist and VFX professionals who is also a look-a-like of the protagonist Aryan Khanna aka Shahrukh Khan.

Through the following video, make up tricks have been showcased prominently.

Follow the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5JMoRx_QyM to get all your answers.

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