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Sunil Grover To Come Back On Television While Kapil Sharma Is Ousted

September 18, 2017 Views: 388

Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover

Is Sunil Grover coming back on television?  Do you know who is he replacing? Right now, Sunil is in a break.  The Drama Company will be replaced by Sunil’s new show. It is certainly perfect time for Sunil to come back on screen again.  It may be the same time when Kapil Sharma arc rival’s show is aired. The Kapil Sharma Show has gone off air at the moment.

It can be considered as an irony that The Kapil Sharma Show is ending and new show of Sunil Grover will be starting. Sunil is returning soon on the screen. Simoes Sisters will be running the show. Before the debacle between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, The Kapil Sharma Show has been run by the same.

Yes, Sunil is replacing Krishna Abhishek’s show The Drama Company. People may think that The Drama Show is replaced due to low TRP. However, the host Krishna Abhishek has cleared the fact early that the show is expected to be a limited one.

In between, Sunil has done a standalone show for Salman Khan in order to promote Tubelight on Sony TV. Due to alteration of show timing, the show has received a low rating. Kapil may have laughed by looking at the outcome of Sunil Grover’s work. However, things have gone through a sea change now.

According to our source, Sunil Grover’s show is expected to be based on Pink Panther. If the show of Sunil Grover becomes a hit with the audience then Kapil may not get back his place on television screen so easily. Recently, Kapil Sharma has said that his show has gone off air temporarily only.

Now, we are really looking to know thoughts of Kapil Sharma about the show.

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