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Sunidhi Chauhan – In The Role Of A Bored Housewife???

July 13, 2016 Views: 702

Sunidhi Chauhan

Sunidhi is known for her singing prowess and has given us several hits such as “Dhoom macha le”, “Dance pe chance”, and “girls like to swing”. Presently she will be sen in the role of a bored housewife in a movie titled ‘Playing Priya’ by director Arif Ali.

It is a short film and a fantasy thriller in which she is home alone. “When he read the script to me, I told him this was the movie I wanted to start my acting career with,” Sunidhi was quoted as saying.

The role was much harder than she thought – “so there was more about acting than reacting. There isn’t much dialogue. I am playing someone who is home alone. I have to pretend as if no one is watching and be myself. That’s hard,” she was quoted as saying.