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Sultan Review: Career’s Best By Salman

July 7, 2016 Views: 1,337


Movie: Sultan

Star Cast: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma and Amit Sadh

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Producer: Yash Raj Films

Let’s know a little bit about the backdrop

Compelling and endearing story of a wrester is in store for you with Sultan. Stellar performance has been delivered by both the lead actor and actress. Therefore, hysteria around the movie is quite reasonable. In a simple statement, new release from the Yash Raj Film can be surprised as a story of a fighter who struggles but manages to reach the top after falling down once. Previously, the director Ali Abbas Zafar has offered movies like “Mere brother ki dulhan” and “Gunday”. However, he has delivered a master stroke this time by casting Salman Khan for Sultan who is just perfect according to the title.

Anuska as Aarfa

Anuska as Aarfa

In the movie, Salman portrays the character of Sultan Ali Khan. The young man is not ambitious at all. He meets Aarfa, a wrestler played by Anushka Sharma and falls deeply in love. To win her heart, efforts have been taken by Sultan. Through wrestling, he tries to woo her lady love. Due to sheer power, he manages to win medals from all over the world. However, lady love is lost in the way to earn glory with wrestling. It can be considered as a heart stopping experience for the character Sultan.

Life has given him a chance to come back on the ring once again through professional MMA. Opportunity has been lapped up by Sultan to earn respect in the eyes of people and lady love.

Good Points:

Sultan And Aarfa

Sultan And Aarfa

The director has shown his calibre with the movie. There is no doubt in the fact that it is commercial movie with the backdrop of wresting. Balance of emotional aspects and technicality of the sporting arena have been maintained with each and every frame of the movie. Through beautifully written screenplay, emotional bond between the protagonist and audience have been created.

Sequences of action have been choreographed with perfection. In the crux, love story is delivered. The connection between Sultan and Aarfa is a magic. Soul of this film is presented through romantic bond. The glory, fall and subsequent rise at the end have been presented wonderfully. Climax of 30 minutes in the MMA ring helps to keep the tension alive.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Ali has able to extract performance of lifetime from both Anuska and Salman. The screen has lightened up with the exuberance of Anuska. Salman is also remarkable in every scene. At the time of watching the movie, you can be made part of the scene automatically. Certain amount of pull has been observed with these multi-dimensional characters. Master stroke has been played by Salman Khan when he appears in front of the mirror with a poor shape.

Bad Points:

Justification of putting some of the songs may not be found. Flow of the screenplay is certainly disturbed in the process. Length of the film can be dragged down to some extent also.


There is no way, you can miss the movie. So, book your tickets because the time is running out.