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Suhana Khan Shows Her Competitive Nature Even In A Game Of Musical Chair

May 7, 2018 Views: 250

Suhana Khan

Badshah of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan’s darling daughter is completing her studies in London at the moment. She has visited IPL matches of Kolkata Knight Riders with her father Shahrukh Khan few times in this season. By looking at Suhana now, you may like to go back to the time when she used to come to the IPL games as a little girl. She has certainly become beautiful woman now.

In between studies, Suhana likes to enjoy herself with friends also. Recently, a video has been shared by one of the admirers of Suhana on social media. It seems that Sunhana is enjoying a game of musical chair with her friends. It is certainly a fun thing to do while studying in university.

Suhan Playing Musical Chair

Suhan Playing Musical Chair

Through the video, competitive nature of Suhana can be seen. Just like father Shahrukh, she wants to win every game. She is pretty serious  about the game. During teenage, Shahrukh used to play lots of sports also. Fashionista attitude of Suhana cannot be missed here also. For a long time, it has been heard that she will be launched in Bollywood by none other than Karan Johar. However, papa Shahrukh Khan has said that his kids will complete their studies first. Later on, they are allowed to choose any profession of their desire.

As a star kid, Suhana has been always monitored by the media closely. Pictures of Sunhana eating noodle have become viral few days ago. She appears as an adolescent girl while staying at London. However, fashionable side of Suhana can be seen when she travels to Mumbai.

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