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Star Brand Endorsements – See What They Sell

September 6, 2017 Views: 370

SRK With His Tag Heuer

What does a company want? What does the owner of a business want? To sell as many units of his product as possible. How do you get the customer to believe that your product is the best in the market?

Enter film stars. They sell. If you see hoardes of people rushing to the theatre just to have a glimpse of their favorite stars, chance are that they will believe if he says, he uses this particular shaving cream and it is very good.

Some even refer to the ad when purchasing it. If you fav star drank a cola in front of you, wouldn’t you too want to do the same? If he drank it, it must be good right?

Kajol is asking us to use Lifebuoy and she being a mother will know what is good. Let’s buy that too.

That is exactly how we think and the marketer uses this strategy to sell the product. Thus we find our stars endorsing brands. Once a actor has gained some foothold in the industry and meets certain criteria of the advertising agency, he is hot property. Take for instance, Varun Dhawan from the current crop of actors. Or Ranveer Singh. Not just the film stars, but sportsmen also get the opportunity to sell products.

SRK Selling The Food

SRK Selling The Food

SRK selling the food delivery brand.

Kajol Promoting The Use Of Hand Wash

Kajol Promot The Hand Wash

Kajol promoting the use of hand wash

Varun Chomping On The Last Piece Of Mango In The Maaza Ad

Maaza Ad

Varun chomping on the last piece of mango in the Maaza Ad.

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan

Here, he asks us to live by our hearts.