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Sonam Celebrates One Year Of Dating

May 16, 2017 Views: 384

Sonam Kapoor And Anand Ahuja

Sonam is smitten. She is celebrating one year of her dating Anand Ahuja. We are happy for them. The two are happy with each other and we hope things stay this way.

The two are pretty much together and have been painting the town red. Yes, According to Mirror sources, Sonam celebrated her first anni with Anand like a teenage lover by pampering him with expensive gifts and cutesy surprises. We wish we all had a girl friend like that.

“Yesterday was their anniversary, by which we mean they celebrated a year of dating. Kapoor wanted to spoil her boyfriend rotten, so she had been discussing it with her pals for weeks. We hear she had planned a special dinner a deux, and also shopped some luxury goodies for him” How sweet, right? While all this while everyone thought Anand is the most romantic one of the two given that he keeps sharing lovey-dovey posts for Sonam on Insta. It’s good to know that Sonam too is equally involved and that she can’t get enough of her love life.

Sonam Kapoor With Her Dad Anil Kapoor

Mirror also reports how Sonam is so head over heels in love with Anand right now that the minute someone mentions his name at any given point, she quickly jumps in to say, “He’s so hot, he’s so cute”. Turns out Sonam’s whole friend circle is in awe of this much in love couple and are hoping to see them get married soon. No wonder Anand has already become a favourite in Sonam’s family for he also accompanied Sonam along with her dad Anil Kapoor to the National Award ceremony this year.