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Social Media Is A ‘Burden’ – Says Kajol

September 20, 2017 Views: 248


Is Kajol fed up of social media already? Her remarks certainly point it out.

Kajol is known as spunky, witty and talented actress. These attributes of her character is often showcased through social media. However, her interests are pretty limited. She may engage with a discussion with her husband in social media which is certainly cute and chessy or post throwback images with family especially her son and daughter Yug and Nysa. Other than that, she may not do anything at all on social media as it looks like a burden to her. Kajol has admitted the fact that she has never been an addict of social media and never will be.

During an interaction with the media, Kajol has said “I enjoy certain parts of social media, not all of it. Sometimes it feels like a burden and responsibility to me. I know a lot of people enjoy being on social media and engage with others on daily basis without a second thought but I am not one of them.”

In the past at the time of Filmfare interview, she has said that aura and mystery around the stars are being killed by the social media. However, she has told us also “Image building in Bollywood has changed. Those of us from an earlier time already have an image and are a brand. People have seen and know our work. But nowadays, every newcomer has to be active on social media in order to promote themselves. They need to constantly put up updates about their talent. Every day, a newcomer enters the film industry, while during our times; we were only a handful of actors who would be cast in films. During our times, there was a mystery surrounding us. Everything would not be disclosed, so our fans would crave to know more about us. But now it’s not the same.

Similar belief on the social media has been possessed by Kajol’s husband Ajay Devgn as well. The Singham actor has said “Honestly, deep down, I don’t enjoy social media. But I’m pushed to do it, so I have to. I miss the days when we didn’t even know when our films were released. We used to find out how our movies fared a week after their release”. Later on, he has added “Earlier, the pace was slower. People used to wait for a movie; they didn’t have 10,000 things to do. Now, anything on social media goes viral in a minute. The audience is connected on social media [with actors, directors, etc.], which has become a major part of promotions”

Now, do you have anything to say about it?


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