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Slam Abu Azmi Says Farhan Akhtar And Varun Dhawan For His Digressing Remarks

January 4, 2017 Views: 372

Farhan Akhtar-Varun Dhawan Lash Out At Politician Abu Azmi For Shaming Women

What a shame? How leaders of a country disgrace a woman like this? On the New Year’s Eve, lots of girls have been mobbed and molested on the roads of Bengaluru. During this time, policemen have been mere spectators. Instead of coming in support of these girls, a politician from Samajwadi party has disgraced women by his remarks.

Several alleged molestation has taken placed on the roads of Bengaluru that day. However, very few official reports have been seen. It is very hard to believe the fact that politicians are blaming short dresses of women for this.

According to politician and father-in-law of Wanted starrer actress of Ayesha Takia Abu Azmi, these incidents will happen if the girls wear short dresses. The politician even goes on to say the fact that if a girl has to celebrate New Year then she must go along with her father or husband not a mere stranger.

Varun Dhawan And Richa Chadda Reacts To Abu Azmi

Varun Dhawan And Richa Chadda Reacts To Abu Azmi

These remarks from the prolific politician from Samajwadi Party have not been taken well by the Bollywood at all. Popular actors and actress like Richa Chadha, Farhan Akhtar, Varun Dhawan have slammed by the politician. Singer Shweta Pandit has also spoken her mind on the occasion. Tweets from others are coming fast also. However, we have showcased only first few as an example.

Farhan Akhtar Reacts To Abu Azmi Body Shaming Remark

Farhan Akhtar Reacts To Abu Azmi Body Shaming Remark

The politician goes on to say that nudity has been considered as fashion by women. Abu Azmi has not talked about the man who has groped, pawed and abused women at all. Instead, he wants to punish those women who wear western clothes.

Shweta Pandit Reacts To Abu Azmi

Shweta Pandit Reacts To Abu Azmi

Like, 1500 policemen have been deployed in the city for protection. Revelers have been seen mostly seen in the Brigade Road and MG Road in Bengaluru.

Similar kind of remark has been posted by Abu Azmi three years past also. On the occasion, he said that consensual sex without marriage must be regarded as crime. Death penalty must be given to women at the time.

During the time, actress and daughter-in-law has said that she and her husband do not share the same feeling. If these statements are said by her father-in-law then she is really ashamed of it.

Do you have anything to say about Abu Azmi’s comment? If yes then you can write to us.



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