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Shelved Movie Of Ajay Devgan And Pooja Bhatt Named Girvi Is The Inspiration Behind The Show Called Udaan

April 4, 2018 Views: 1,648

Mahesh Bhatt And Udaan Actors

In the 90s, Mahesh Bhatt has made a movie called Zakm starring Ajay Devgan and Pooja Bhatt which can be looked as a path breaker in the movie industry till now. For the movie, Ajay has won a National Award. He has been still recognized by the fans for his wonderful performance in the movie Zakm. However, most of the people may not be aware of the fact that Ajay and Pooja have done another movie together with veteran director Mahesh Bhatt. However, it has been never released at the theatres. The name of the shelved movie is Girvi which has been all about bonded labour.

Regarding the movie, Mahesh Bhatt has said recently, I was in the peak of my career as during that time I tasted success with Aashiqui, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi, Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke among others. But a film like Girvi during that time was a serious proposition because the market changed drastically and entertainment films became the order of the day. Producers wanted me to make films which had capital entertainment in it. There was a belief in our society that anything which has a serious grim issue of life in it, won’t be watched by the audience. The film was shot but could not see the light of day.



Gurudev Bhalla who has been an assistant director of the movie Girvi has produced a serial on the same subject on television. The serial comes with the title Udaan that has started on Colors from the year 2014. It is said that the serial has taken inspiration from the Mahesh Bhatt’s movie Girvi. According to director Mahesh Bhatt, television is one strongest medium at the moment. Therefore, a message can be delivered easily through television now-a-days. He has added I use television very effectively for my cinematic works. I made many shows for it be it Janam (1987), Swaabhimaan or Haqeeqat. I feel stories which got social messages can effectively reach to masses only through TV. Cinema today does not deal with concepts which have profound social issues at the heart of it.

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