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Shahrukh Khan Is Really Happy To Get Gift From Beautiful Kids

February 21, 2018 Views: 145

Shharukh With Kids

Recently, Shahrukh has shared a picture of himself surrounded by lots of kids on his social media handle of Twitter. On the occasion, Dear Zindagi actor has been smiling widely. Some gifts as well as cards have been received by the actor from the kids also.

Shahrukh has shared this beautiful picture with the captioning that reads Always good to receive gifts that are as beautiful as these… thank u to all the kind hearted children at! Keep spreading the smiles…”

During a recent interview, Shahrukh has said that projects are taken by him always organically. Things happen other way around for him as the project chooses him instead of he is choosing a project.

On asking whether he likes to do social message driven movies like Akshay Kumar. Shahrukh has told us “Everybody has their own system of doing a film, why they do, how they do. I feel a film. I don’t go searching for a film. I have been a producer for 15 years, I have never produced a film that I think I should do. I think films choose me”

Later on, Raees actor has added that success of every movie depends on its entertainment quotient. He has said clearly “Sometimes they (films) go wonderfully right, sometimes they go fantastically bad and I am ok with it. If I don’t keep that part of my life fluid, whatever level of artistic, I can’t wake up every morning and keep on acting. I can’t do it (acting) as a job, I am not saying others are doing it. Different strokes for different folk”

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