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Shah Rukh Khan: If I Don’t Win Award For ‘Fan’, I Will Snatch It Away

April 20, 2016 Views: 726

Shahrukh Khan

He knows how to win the hearts of his ladies, he knows how to keep the audience engaged, he knows how to be witty and he knows how each act of his becomes the talk of the nation. He is the King after all. King Khan. One of the greatest superstars of Indian celluloid. SRK as he is popularly called has won several awards. But each time he says something, it becomes national news, especially when he makes a mention of an award.

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest action-drama Fan released last Fri and it is doing well at the box-office. He plays a double role and he has done a very good job at it. SRK believes he deserves an award for it. That straight from Khan himself.

In an interview given to India TV, SRK said, “If I do not get award this time for my role in Fan, I will snatch away the award, or start crying.”

Khan has won several awards in his career so this came as a bit of a surprise. Well, it’s possible that he believes he has done well enough to deserve an award and its not the hankering after an award itself. But there are several releases lines up for the rest of the year, including one of SRK’s himself – Raees. Let’s see if he snatches it or cries.

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