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Seven Reasons Why The Anklet Is The New Choker

February 16, 2017 Views: 558


The anklet like the choker has been in fashion but has not been given as much importance. Fashion shows in the West have featured the heel-grazing accessory in their spring 2016 Collection.

Wearing an anklet is one way of drawing attention to the legs. If you have a great pair of legs, make them a part of your fashion accessory. Indian women are used to wearing anklets. Silver ones are more common. In rural India as well as in urban cities, girls and women wear anklets as part of their daily life.

Fashionable accessories are important to bring out the look you desire. When attending a function or for just a casual occasion it can manage to make people stare at your feet.

Paired with capris and short skirts, you can up the look of your feet with these cute, little accessories.


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