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Selfie Time For Arjun Kapoor With Football Idol Christiano Ronaldo

June 7, 2018 Views: 74

Arjun Kapoor And Christiano Ronaldo

In the current generation of Bollywood actors, lots of football fans can be seen and Arjun Kapoor is certainly one of them. Mubarakkan actor Arjun Kapoor loves Spanish Premiere League which is also known as La Liga. So, Arjun has decided to meet footballer Christiano while staying at Madrid. On the occasion, Arjun has given his best wishes to Ronaldo for the upcoming league finals with Liverpool.

For Arjun Kapoor, it may be a fan moment as he has clicked selfie with football superstar Christiano Ronaldo. Two of them have been smiling broadly in camera.

Regarding the conversation between Christiano Ronaldo and Arjun Kapoor, one of our sources has revealed Ronaldo and Arjun had a conversation about world football and Real Madrid’s chances at winning the cup. Arjun has also invited him to India and told him about the incredible fan following among people in India. Arjun insisted that Ronaldo should definitely come and receive the immense love that India has for him. Ronaldo obviously is aware of his superstardom. Now, it will be great to see when he comes down to India and meets all his Fans across the length and breadth of the country”

Arjun has been even wished Ronaldo for World Cup ahead. According to the source, Arjun has been a huge follower of Ronaldo and it was an amazing experience to get them to meet. Arjun is extremely knowledgable about football. So, the two had a detailed conversation about the game and its future across the world”

For Namaste London by Vipul Shah, Arjun Kapoor is shooting in Paris along with Parineeti at the moment. Release of Namaste London is expected on 19th October, 2018.

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