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Rohit Shetty Says That Sara Ali Khan Cooked His Brain For Simmba – See The Details

December 26, 2018 Views: 321

Rohit Shetty And Sara Ali Khan

By one of the new entrants in the Bollywood industry Sara Ali Khan, Simmba director Rohit Shetty has been looked as the ‘king of commercial cinema’ always. On asking why Sara has been so keen to work with Rohit Shetty, she has said I am a huge Rohit sir fan. I aspire for versatility, and I mean it. I messaged Rohit sir thrice and he responded on the third message. I think he is the king of commercial cinema. So, knowing that Rohit sir and Ranveer Singh were coming together, I had to.”

Regarding casting of Sara in the movie Simmba, director Rohit Shettty has said “Nobody approached Sara. She approached (us) herself. She literally cooked my brain by messaging me so many times. Sara happened because of Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor, director of Sara’s debut film) because he also called me and asked me to cast Sara! He took the initiative and told me to watch some footage of ‘Kedarnath’ that they had already shot. Then I saw it and called her.

In the movie Simmba, serious problems like sexual harassment and rape will be highlighted. In addition, it will also discuss about the negligence of political system and police. Even after doing a horrific crime like rape, the rapists often walks away free. On the other hand, victim is blamed further. Now, Ranveer’s character in Simmba tries to bring change within the society.

Later on, Sara Ali Khan has said about the movie The film is addressing the issue and that is my favorite part in the film. In a Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty film, the audience is going to expect high energy, entertainment and flying cars. Yes, those elements are there but then it comes to the real social message. Something needs to be done. There’s a need to bring a change in the system……Obviously we cannot go to every culprit and change them but we can change the view of the people and how they look at it. I know educated people turn around and say ‘hota hai (it happens)’. But that is wrong. Through a film, we cannot change the law of our country but we can open up the eyes, the mind of people

Release of the movie Simmba will be seen on 28th December where Sara Ali Khan is starring opposite Ranveer Singh for the first time.

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