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Review Of Befikre: Should You Watch It Or Not?

December 10, 2016 Views: 848


Star Cast: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor

Director: Aditya Chopra

Good Points: Befikre is that kind of rom com that keeps you entertained through breezy watch.

Bad Points: There are many loopholes in the plot and you may find resemblances with numerous other rom coms.




A standup comedian Dharam (Ranveer Singh) performs at a club in Paris. During his first visit in the city of Paris, he meets Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) who works as tour guide. It is because of her carefree nature and electrifying energy, Dharam is attracted towards her and both of them instantly become friendly to each other. They start their relation as ‘I dare you’ kind of romance that soon turns into a baggage within a year. Therefore, they part away and again meet again. This time, they start their journey being “just friends”.

Now, when they are about to get intimate, Shyra eventually meets Anay, another typically crazy guy who also works as an investment banker. He happens to fall for Shyra who has to take decision of marrying him or not. On the other side, Dharam too gets closer with someone else.

Will Shyra and Dharam move on for their respective marriages or they decide to reunite?

Script Analysis:

From the interesting trailers of Befikre, there would have been already stirred an expectation about its resemblance with No Strings Attached. However, this movie has much more to offer apart from several numbers of kisses. The core story of the film is based on modern day relationships and how today’s generation is losing the concepts like commitment, acceptance and being faithful in love. In fact, Dharam’s characterization can be oddly termed as typical Delhi lads with lots of childishness in behavior.

The first half moves in a light-hearted pace where we get a little bit of Imtiaz Ali’s film feel. In the second half, Aditya Chopra brings back the typical Yash Raj Film romance.

We have to say that the script of Befikre has been mingled several other films whose packaging has been done with Parisian romance.

 Star Performance:



Ranveer Singh has that stardom capability to overshadow everybody else in a film. His portrayal of an irritatingly childish Delhi desperado is just perfect. Unfortunately, the opening scene performance from this actor is poor enough while he manages to entertain the audience with his crazy acts.

Although Vaani Kapoor puts her best effort to impress us, her average dialogue and recently ‘fixed’ face cannot impress the audience. But her French and stirring dance moves are praiseworthy.

Direction & Music:



When it is a film from Aditya Chopra, the expectation level would be much higher from any ordinary director. After all, he is best known for one of the best romantic Bollywood films Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. He raised the expectation level with the trailers of Befikre with something new. But the first half of the movie seems like Hollywood inspiration, he came back with usual YRF mood in the second half. He chose the setting of Paris quite smartly and the cinematography and production design are praiseworthy enough.

At certain dance scenes, Dharam and Shyra performed amazingly well where the choreography was too good. In fact, music of the film is enjoyable for all occasions.

Final Thought:

Fun, frothy and frivolous – these are the things we could say about Befikre. The film is basically for the young and restless people who love to enjoy ‘ghisa pita’ romance without any presence of logic.

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