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Revealed: Why Erika Kaar Overwhelmed By Ajay Devgn

October 22, 2016 Views: 732

Shivvay poster

Well, Erika Kaar- a Polish actress is about to make her debut in Bollywood with the Ajay Devgn’s dream project Shivaay. It seems that the actress is already pretty impressed with the actor-director Ajay Devgn.

Being a son of fight sequence director, Ajay is always inclined towards the action. Lots of the stunts have been included in the movie Shivaay as the movie has demanded it. However, it has been hard for Erika to believe the fact first time that the Sigham star has been doing his stunt alone.

Erika Kaar

Erika Kaar

Even in the Hollywood, body doubles are generally utilized for the dangerous fight sequences. The actors cannot afford to be injured due to a stunt. However, Ajay has been always different. In the beginning of his career also, he has performed his stunts whether it is standing on two bikes simultaneously by splitting the legs or falling from high rise building. The actor has hardly allowed body-double to do the job. So, there is nothing new that he will be doing his stunts.

Through the gruesome action sequences, Ajay has certainly tried to increase the bar further. In the first trailer, there have been some cool stunts. Cars have been chased in a high pace in some scenes. Climbing a snow-capped mountain can be considered as a stunt too.

By looking at Ajay on the scenes, Erika has been inspired. So, she has obliged to do some stunts herself also. The job of Ajay has been applauded by Erika. She has no shame to declare the fact that her director has motivated her profusely during the schedule in Bulgaria.

Recently, Erika has been discovering Bollywood. It is certainly a new experience for her without any doubt. She is undoubtedly a SRK-Kajol fan. She has already seen Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. Presently, she is watching 3 Idiots and Devdas.

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