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Revealed: Salman Khan Has Been Under Huge Amount Of Pain In The Past Few Years – Want To Know Why?

December 22, 2017 Views: 228

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is always known as a private person and seldom opens up. However when he does then it certainly become a news. Recently, it has been revealed by Salman that he has been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. Due to this condition, trigeminal nerve is affected that is responsible for carrying out signals from the face to brain.

Next release of Salman Khan called Tiger Zinda Hai is round the corner. For the movie, lots of gruesome stunts have been done by the actor. On asking whether he has been still suffering from pain, Sultan Salman Khan has said No, that’s done. Nothing like that. I heard something like I was ill which was sh** but it is just that I need to be careful.

Later on, he has addedSo I have to take care that I don’t put a lot of pressure on my head, that means I cannot bend, can’t do headstands, be upside down … why would I want to be upside down, anyway (laughs), so I have no problem with that. But If I have to do a summersault, I can do that because as long as the blood is not flowing into your brain, if there is anything quick, then it is not a problem. But the Trigeminal Neuralgia being cured is like a miracle. That is the most painful thing I have been through in the 7 and half years

Regarding the action sequences in the movie, director Ali Abbas Zafar has saidSalman is a trained rider. He returned from the IIFA awards and took just three days to get familiar with his horse, Wado. A prized Spanish stallion, with a gleaming black mane, the horse was trained to cross hurdles, jump over barricades and ride down hills. We have shot risky and edgy portions on horseback with Salman. Getting Wado to know Salman and vice versa, therefore, was key to ensuring that this portion of the shoot goes off well. We’ve shot for eight days and getting trained, skilled horses actually made this portion of the shoot fairly easy to execute

Tiger Zinda Hai is coming on your nearest theatre on 22nd December.

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