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Revealed: Raveena Tandon Has Asked To Remove Ranveer Singh From The Sets As He Will Be Shocked

November 7, 2018 Views: 177

Ranveer Singh And Raveena Tandon

From childhood, Ranveer loves movies. He is a 90s child who has eaten and breathed movies since a very young age. During Koffee with Karan Season 6, Ranveer Singh has revealed that he has gone to a set of Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon starrer at the age of seven or eight. On the day, a song was being shot. However, Ranveer cannot enjoy the shoots as he has been thrown out of the sets due to command from Raveena Tandon. Ranveer has gone there with his parents and cousins. Several times, Ranveer Singh has talked about the incident in details. Now, Ranveena Tandon has revealed why she has kicked Ranveer out of the set.

On the occasion, Ranveena Tandon has said that she did not wish Ranveer to watch the content that is expected to be shot that day. Raveena has thought that it is not adequate for a boy of Ranveer’s age. She has enumerated, He’s a very very naughty boy, I must say. And in fact, it’s very sweet of him to remember but he keeps pulling my leg ‘mujhe toh set se nikal diya gaya tha‘. But that was not the thing, it was very sensual song and it was a rain song and it had some very sensual moves and I myself even with my children I feel there is a right age to expose them as it was not appropriate for children to be there that time for scenes to be shot like that. I would do that to my child also. Take them to an appropriate set that is watchable for children. So I was feeling uncomfortable as a grown up that yeh bachcha bechara mujhe dekh raha hai doing all these sensual moves toh kya lag raha hoga. So I requested the producer, I said let the parents be there but as children, they’ll be scandalised. So that was the intention. All of you know I love kids so there’s nothing like that. I would be the last person to be rude to a child. But I always feel there are things that are age appropriate.


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