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Revealed: Dirty Secrets Of Priyanka Chopra With Coffee Shots

January 24, 2017 Views: 549

Priyanka Chopra

Fun of vodka can be ensured with the coffee shots now. It is amazing to watch Priyanka and Karan on the couch while revealing interesting and exciting tit bits of their life.

For an episode of Koffee with Karan, Priyanka has come all alone. Therefore, the host and prolific director Karan has decided to introduce a new segment with coffee shots. According to the game, celebrities have to gulp a coffee shot if they have done similar thing to the statement.

Priyanka Chopra In Koffee With Karan

Priyanka Chopra In Koffee With Karan

Question on the simplicity of the game may not be seen. However, the game has been transformed thrilling with cheesy statements. If you hear a question from the host Karan that have Priyanka kissed an ex after breaking up then it is quite natural to develop an interest to know the answer. Do you want to know the reply? In order to give answer to this question, she has blatantly said yes and gulped a coffee shot. Is it someone from the Bollywood? However, Priyanka has not told us who was it. Several other questions related to lusty messages and phone sex has been asked too.

On the question of role play when Karan said that he may not be able to fit into one role. During this time, Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra has suggested a role for the director indeed. Can you guess what it has been? Priyanka has wished to see Karan in the role of a nurse.

Priyanka In Koffee With Karan

Priyanka In Koffee With Karan

So, who has won the round at last? No, it is not Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra. Instead, it has been our very own talk show host Karan Johar.

In the show, Bajirao Mastani actress has also talked about her international career. Relationship status of the lady is one of the much discussed matters. The lady is very truly enjoying her celebrity status without any doubt.

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