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Radhika Apte Is Enjoying Herself In Goa After Success Of PadMan

February 27, 2018 Views: 312

Radhika Apte In Goa

On weekends, it is quite natural to have some fun. However, it must be done with style as well. Most of the people may relax at their homes. Still, they may not complain in case a small vacation is planned for them with the view of sand and sea. Best possible thing can be ensured with loved ones by your side and a glass of wine in your hand. Exactly same is done by beautiful PadMan actress Radhika Apte. From the picture, it is quite evident that she is really happy. It seems that she is vacationing at a beach in Goa.

During this time, Radhika has been spending time with a friend. It may be a gala time for them. By looking at the picture, you may feel sorry for yourself that you have not planned anything like this for yourself or else you may book a flight for Goa as soon as possible. We hope that you may do the second thing on the list.

Right now, Radhika has been riding high on the success of Akshay Kumar starrer PadMan. Role of a distressed wife is played by Radhika in this movie who does not want to use sanitary napkins. For the portrayal of this character, she has earned a lot of praise from people. So, she can certainly take a break. She has been so real with her character that everyone can connect with her easily. Radhika is certainly a girl who likes to keep sometime for herself completely.


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