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Raazi Director Megna Gulzar Describes Alia As Tomboyish And Clumsy

April 20, 2018 Views: 229

Alia Bhatt-Meghna Gulzar-Vicky Kaushal

Only a week has passed since the trailer Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi starring Vicky Kaushal and Alia Bhatt  has released and people has been mesmerized by it already. It is expected to a spy drama with lots of emotions.

Character of Alia Bhatt in the movie is called Sehmat. It is expected to be an amazing character. So, Alia may blow our mind once again with her excellent acting.

During an interview, Talvar director Meghna Gulzar has praised Highway actress Alia Bhatt profusely. About Alia, Meghna has said Even before we had put down a single word on paper, we knew it was her. This is also the first time in her career that Alia agreed to do a film where the script wasn’t ready. I gave her a 10-minute narration of the premise. At that time, all I wanted was an assurance from her that I could write the story with her in mind.

Regarding performance of Alia Bhatt in the movie, it has been said by MeghnaAlia brought her instinct as an actor, she instinctively reacted to scenes and dialogues. She offered precious suggestions; her improvisations added to the scenes. Everyone believes she is a method actor, but Alia works with spontaneity. She puts her gut feeling to good use.

Meghna has also added, Language was a huge part of her preparation. We no longer speak the way we did back then [in the ’70s] — there was a certain amount of thehrav [gravitas] in the way people communicated. Speaking refined Hindi and Hindustani was essential for the part. I gave her movies and short films to watch, for reference

On the occasion, Meghna has also called Alia a tomboy. So, they used to work on her body language too. It is said, Her body language was another thing we had to work on. She is tomboyish, almost to the point of being clumsy where she would stumble frequently. In the film, she was supposed to play this woman who is feminine and dressed in flowy fabrics, yet do the things she was supposed to do which aren’t feminine

Raazi is set to release on 11th May, 2018.

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