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Purab Plays A Photojournalist In Noor

July 13, 2016 Views: 484

Purab Kohli-Sonaksi Sinha

Do you know Purab is in Noor too?

Previously, news has arrived that Sonakshi is playing a journalist in this same movie. However, it has not been clear who has been playing the male lead at the time. Smart and suave Purab has been seen in the Airlift last along with Akshay Kumar. The actor has confirmed the news. Meetings have done between the actor and producer regarding the role already. The Airlift actor is quite interested to work in this movie.

Both the actor has been paired with each other for the first time. It is certainly an interesting Jodi. The producer of Noor has been associated with Airlift also. Therefore, the actor is quite certain that the connection may become strengthened further with Noor.

Sunhil Sippy has commanding this ship as director who has done a lot of work with advertisements in the past. The actor has lot of faith in the vision of director.

When Purab has been asked about his co-star Sonakshi, he said that Loteera actress is excellent in her work. Positive vibe has been coming from the actress. And the movie has been made based on her character.

Purab Kohli

Purab Kohli

Purab’s character Ayan is only an accomplice in her work. Photojournalist Ayan is quite competent in his work. However, life has made him cynical. Still, there is certain amount of charm in the character. Due to his nature, the character has earned some attractive quality also.

In the city of London and Mumbai, the movie will be shot. Purab is presently doing a television project. Therefore, he may be taking some time off from television to play the character of Ayan. From the month of August, shooting for the movie is about to start.