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Pulkit Samrat Says He Enjoys Being Single

March 9, 2018 Views: 284

Pulkit Samrat

Following to the success of Fukrey Returns, handsome Pulkit Samrat has come back on celluloid once again with Veerey Ki Wedding which is a romantic comedy with Kriti Kharbanda. Lead role named Veer will be played by Pulkit in the movie. Due to difference between his and bride’s father, problems are observed in marriage. Kriti Kharbanda will be seen opposite Pulkit in this movie. Both of them are looking quite nice together. Pulkit has said about the jodi “People are liking it. She looks great.” On the occasion, Pulkit has opened up about his upcoming movie, take on love and other things also.

Regarding the similarity between title of his movie and Sonam Kapoor’s, Pulkit has said “It’s the maker’s call. I never got into it. I think they tried to discuss with (producer) Anilji (Kapoor), sort it out and come to a conclusion. I am not aware what happened, but both the films are definitely different. Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Swara Bhasker’s film also looks exciting. I am looking forward to it as well.”

Pulkit has talked a lot about the movie. He has said “It’s all about a wedding, dance, music, fights, romance, and relationships. It is a masala film. I play Veer Arora — pyaar se sab Veerey bulate hai. He is a large-hearted guy and helps people who are in trouble. However, he gets into a difficult situation. He loves this girl and she loves him, too, but their fathers have a tussle with each other. They are crackpots and are always trying to be one up on the other. Beech mein dono ka pyaar nichod jaata hai! How they figure it out amongst themselves is what the film is about.”

On asking about his first time pairing with Kriti, he has said that it has been great as Kriti is really beautiful girl and people have been appreciating it. Later on, he has added “Kriti Kharbanda is a very good dancer and a performer, so it was fun to do the scenes with her. When you get a co-star with whom you can do some give-and-take, it becomes like one of those lawn tennis matches where you give a great reply to a serve. That volley has been really good between us. She is quite a natural in front of the camera. That works for me because I try to be natural; I don’t rehearse much. I work on the character and then go on the set. Even if some new draft comes, I respond to it as a character. So, working with her was fun. Also, both of us are foodies — she would snatch food from me and vice versa on the sets!”

For about two years, turmoil has been noticed in his private life as well as he has been separated with his wife Shweta Rohira. Due to this reason, Pulkit has been under media coverage constantly.  According to the actor, he has managed to deal with it as it has been a part and parcel of business. However, it has been really tough for the family. Right now, he is just happy being a single and enjoying it completely.

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