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Producer Aditya Chopra Came Up With The Name ‘Hichki’ For Rani Mukerji’s Next Movie

February 6, 2018 Views: 121

Rani Mukerji In Hichki

Can you believe it? Yes, it is true. Rani Mukerji’s husband and producer Aditya Chopra is the reason why Veer Zaara actress upcoming movie is called Hichki. In the movie, Rani will be seen as a   teacher who has been suffering from Tourette syndrome.

Hichki is the comeback movie of Rani Mukerji after a break due to pregnancy and birth of Adira. Teacher named Naina Mathur will be played by this talented actress in this movie. Recently, director of the movie Sidharth P. Malhotra has revealed the secret behind the movie title. Sidharth has said It was quite a task to figure out the perfect title for the movie. It needed to be sensitive, thought-provoking, intriguing as well as have a direct connect to the theme of the film.”

To complete the story regarding the title, he has said It was Adi who nailed the title of the film. He took a few days to deliberate on the same and when he told Maneesh (Sharma) and me his suggestion, we were ecstatic. Nothing could have described the film better than Hichki. It’s uncomplicated, it’s a strong metaphor for discrimination and it’s an extremely colloquial and relatable word.”

Isn’t it an interesting story?

Release date of Hichki is fixed on 27th February, 2018.

Regarding preparation of the movie, Rani has said earlier Rani plays a common girl who has an extraordinary situation and she stares down at the challenge and never backs off when others would mostly crumble. She plays a teacher who practices what she preaches. She tries to bring out the best in her students. Rani drew upon memories of her school days and the friendly, supportive atmosphere that some teachers would build for students in her school to play the part. It was very nostalgic for her as she thanks her students for shaping her up the way she has in life.”

Promotion for Hichki has been started by Rani from the Makar Sankranti. City of Ahmedabad has been visited by her on the day. Kite playing tradition has been enjoyed by her at the time also.

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