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Priyanka On Jimmy Kimmel Show To Promote Baywatch

June 1, 2017 Views: 355

Priyanka On Jimmy Kimmel Show

Yet again, Priyanka has gone to Jimmy Kimmel Live show. This time it is for the Baywatch promotion. The lady has been a guest on the show several times. Whenever she is in the show, she has struck a chord with the host as well as the audience. If you have seen the older episodes of Jimmy Kimmel with Priyanka then there will no doubt in your mind that the show will be awesome. Camadarie between the guest and host is certainly something to notice about. Some secrets about Baywatch may be revealed on the show. So, we have to just stay tuned.

The show is about the Baywatch certainly. However, you may have noticed stunning PeeCee also. Mini dress with sequin has been worn by the lady for this evening show. In the dress, she has been looking sexy. Still, there is perfect balance with the ambience. Not too much make-up can be seen in her face and gloss on her lips. Till now, Priyanka has scored jackpot with almost all appearances in the international arena whether it is on the red carpet or in a talk show. Chemistry with Jimmy is just amazing. From the pictures, it is pretty sure that they have a gala time on the show. So, we are really eager to see it. Till then, we have to become with the pictures only.

Priyanka Chopra On Jimmy Kimmel Teaser

Priyanka Chopra On Jimmy Kimmel Teaser

For the promotion of Baywatch, she may go to some other shows also. As an actress, Priyanka has managed to make a name for herself in Hollywood. Therefore, she is certainly a familiar face on television. Through the Baywatch, Priyanka is debuting in Hollywood. In the movie, she will be seen with Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson. In the movie, Priyanka is expected to show her negative shades in the role of Victoria Leeds.

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