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Priyanka Chopra Has Gifted Her Pet Dog Diana A Travel Home That Is Priced Around 2 Lakhs

February 6, 2019 Views: 276

Priyanka Gifted A Travel House To Dog Diana

Priyanka Chopra is an actress that has been known for her strong will and personality in addition to the acting skills. As an international star, she has been performing her duties as a responsible citizen all over the world. However, she often enjoys doing mundane things in life also. Date night with husband Nick Jonas may not be seen as mundane thing by most of us. During such occasion, Priyanka Chopra is found in the best possible attire.

Here, we are talking about the chill session. It has been seen that Priyanka is taking care of her dear pooch Diana. Right now, Priyanka is staying in L. A. It seems that she has been spending a lot of time with Diana. Priyanka has been pampering her dog as much as possible.  Priyanka is an extremely caring person. Therefore, Priyanka has dressed Diana in a moncler jacket in order to deal with hard hitting cold of winter.  Now, a travel home has been gifted by Priyanka also to Diana. The travel home is from the luxury brand called Goyard. By coming to Instagram, Priyanka has shared a picture as well. On the occasion, Priyanka has thanked her stylist Mimi Cutrell also.

Priyanka has said that Diana has been refusing to leave it. By looking at the travel home, we can certainly understand the reason behind it. Through a little bit of research, we have managed to find the cost of it also which little more than 2 lakhs.  Those who know Priyanka can certainly say that she is capable of spending the amount on her loved doggo Diana.


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