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Pregnancy News Surprises Parents – See To Believe It!

Pregnancy News Surprises Parents

By taking inspiration from Jimmy Fallon, Alexa Goolsby also made an announcement about pregnancy. It is possible to find countless ways to declare the news. However, use of the strategy has resulted in an animated reaction from grandfather-to-be.

Through the popular game of Whisper Challenger from the Tonight Show, she managed to announce her pregnancy message to her parents. During the show, it is important to wear noise canceling earphones along with loud music. It is used as a trick to hear message from the show.

Due to ability to read lips, grandmother has gotten the message loud and clear. However, grandmother has tried to reach to the real news of becoming a grandfather in an animated way.

In the end when the grandfather understood the situation is priceless. Therefore, you must watch the video in order to understand about real fun of the incident.

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