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Poush Parbon In West Bengal

January 12, 2017 Views: 541

Pithe And Puli

Many of us are rewinding to how we have fared this year. Did we achieve all that we had set out to? Did we keep our resolutions? Its that time of the year when we take stock of what’s done, what’s not.

But it’s also a time when we celebrate with food. Food is an important part of celebrations in every culture. So it is in West Bengal too. Though the new year is a global one and everyone participates in fun, it is still the English New year. That implies we celebrate with cakes and pastries.

Though no one will stop anyone from having Indian food and delicacies, yet there is no cultural ringing to it. It is more a calendar new year.

Indians have their cultural new years on different months.

In West Bengal, now it is the “poush” month. It is time to harvest what farmers have sowed earlier. January 14 will be celebrated here and in other parts of the country as Sankranti. West Bengal calls it Poush Sankranti. Pithe and puli are local delicacies served and eaten on these days.

Pithe And Puli

Pithe And Puli

To the global audience these are crepes made out of rice flour and jaggery/coconut. Some of the delicacies made at this time are milk-based. Food is shared with family and friends. That is when you get the real feel of the fun. People take time out to visit relatives who offer them delicacies prepared at home.

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