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Pari Movie Review: Parambrata Chatterjee And Anushka Sharma’s Horror Movie Is Not For The Cowardly People

March 3, 2018 Views: 2,330

Pari Poster

By watching Anushka Sharma and Parambrata Chatterjee starrer Pari, you must feel the horror. As the subtitle suggests it is certainly not a fairytale. Through the posters of movie, warning has been given already. Teasers and screamers have also hinted at the scenario too. Pari can be looked as one of the best horror movies in recent time from Bollywood. Here’s a complete review for you.


In most occasions, horror movies in Bollywood have followed well known rule of sex and seduction. However, a stigma has been broken with Prosit Roy’s Pari most certainly. Backdrop of the movie is Kolkata. Desi folklore regarding demonic possession especially in case of a woman is seen at the base of the movie where it becomes necessary to take forward the lineage.

Ruksana aka Anushka has suffered from abuse of supernatural nature. Following to an accident, Rukshana meets Arnab played by Paranbrata Chatterjee. Due to Rukshana’s presence, lots of unexplained events can be seen in Arnab’s life. In the due course, origin of the folklore is explored.

On the other hand, Rajat Kapoor is a professor who has been trying to complete a task that has been begun decades ago. We should not give out the plot much in order to ensure you a thrilling experience at the theatres. However, we can easily say that Pari has a good story that has managed to tie the loose ends when it leads towards the climax.


One of the three basic things of a good movie is its plot, cast and a competent director who is capable of saying what he has set out to. Understanding of human mind may be necessary on the occasion too. In case of a real horror story, it must touch a cord beyond its gory scenes. Figures, darkness and sound help to create an atmosphere of fear in case of a horror movie of successful nature. Prosit Roy, the director of Pari has succeeded with all these things. Narrative has been told in a wonderful manner. Technical aspect, production value and background score is good enough also. It has been a risk for Anushka Sharma to play such a role. However, she has succeeded big time.

Facial expression and body language of Anushka is just perfect for the role. Voice of Anushka has played an important role here too. Casting of Parambrata for the role is perfect also. Their scenes together are great to watch. You will be scared and restless without any doubt. Make up team of Pari must be applauded for their excellent effort too.

Even if the movie scares you, we can say that it is a love story at core with a heart wrenching climax.


However, Pari has some flaws too. First part of the movie is good when you may feel a bit lethargic in the second half. In some occasion, it may seem predictable. The concept of folklore and devil may confuse you a bit also. Everything may become clear at the end of movie only.


For the horror movie admirer, it may be a treat. Therefore, you must watch it.

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